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Turning your employees into ambassadors

Cortex is a powerful platform that collates the data you already have to deliver company-wide employee recognition, reward, sales incentivisation and workplace engagement.

Backed up by a series of redemption, learning and community tools, the platform improves business performance by encouraging staff to:

  • Adapt their behaviours to achieve your goals
  • Compete among themselves for achievable rewards
  • Improve productivity and cultivate a winning company culture

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Nothing is more compelling than the desire to overtake colleagues and get known for being ‘good at what you do’. Cortex is designed to harness this instinct and, importantly, celebrate achievement using a selection of peer-to-peer tools, badges, levels and community zones.

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From equally weighted competitions and desktop games that can open up opportunities to collect prizes, to mobilising people’s inbuilt pride to demonstrate their abilities, the key behaviours of sales teams and distributors can be driven by Cortex to help them hit sales, brand and CSI targets.

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From points to prizes Cortex’ innovative platform allows you to reward your employees through a number of redemption options to promote financial, physical, and emotional wellbeing across your company.

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Having run cash-based sales incentives for a number of years, Volvo had inadvertently engendered a sales team’s focus on hitting targets only for the reward that was on offer. Which in turn had created an imbalanced sales-only focus across the dealer network – ignoring the delivery of key brand behaviours.

In 2013, Volvo had major growth and brand development aspiration – all of which required a modern engagement and incentive platform as part of a new strategy.

CORTEX Solution:

Run in collaboration with Volvo’s Sales, Aftersales, Operations, Marketing and Academy teams, Volvo First Class is a whole-business programme targeting a broad variation of soft and hard behaviours - with 1,500 unique users, 8 regions and unique personalised logins enabling gamification, leagues, quizzes, badges, spot prizes, Hall of Fame, Amazon access and a series of exclusive dinners and international events from Rome to Japan.

With 145% growth and the coveted ‘Franchise of the Year’ accolade in 2018, Volvo are one of the biggest successes of the last 4 years.

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The programme has proved to be extremely successful and effective and has helped incentivise our Retailers to deliver fantastic sales results
– Matt Galvin, Sales Director

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